Dey-Griswold & Company
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The Dey-Griswold was an American Automobile powered by an electric motor. The Dey-Griswold & Co. was organized by Harry E. Dey in the late 1800s to produce a system for propelling street cars, wagons and American Automobiles.
The Dey-Griswold electric car was probably the only car to combine an electric motor and a fluid drive system.

The Dey Griswold Electric Phaeton had an electric motor with a revolving field and armature, each driving a shaft on which was fitted a radical oil pump with a single acting pistons. A special Dey High Potential Series Battery supplied the current to the motor. When the current was switched on and the shaft began rotating, twin oil pumps forced oil along lines to miniature fluid gear turbines located on each rear wheel.


                                                                                 1895 Dey - Griswold Electric Phaeton




          Harry E. Dey (at the wheel), Charles P. Steinmetz, and Dr. Steinmetz’s adopted son enjoy a ride in the electric car


                                                                                    Howard Lee Griswold (1878-1955)


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